Darby Hodges
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Michelle Gonzalez lit a candle on 03/09/2018: "Sweet angels you are both now in Heaven. I’m sorry for what you both endured and pray for justice for you both."
Passing By lit a candle on 03/01/2018: "So sad. I hope justice is served here on earth and beyond."
Eileen Lalonde lit a candle on 02/18/2018: "RIP sweet child. some of these posts are cruel let tis family grieve."
Evelyn Pope lit a candle on 02/09/2018: "Rest In Peace . Sweet angel"
Get A. Grtip lit a candle on 01/06/2018: "To those of you with threats.you are no better this is a childs memorial this is not what it should be used for"
Heather lit a candle on 01/06/2018: "Heartbreaking..... justice will be served. Prayers to you."
Hope lit a candle on 11/13/2017: "Rest in peace beautiful babies. May justice come to those who have hurt you"
Jaira Ramos Vidrio lit a candle on 10/24/2017: "my heart is broken 😤😤😤 I am so so sorry .my sincere condolences. To the Fam God bless them."
Darcy Adams lit a candle on 10/13/2017: "I will be sending prayers"
Tommy Hodges lit a candle on 10/07/2017: "What a fucking waste of my semen. I'm fixing to fucking smash that sluts face with a fucking slab of concrete."
ANAL BEADS lit a candle on 09/04/2017: "YAY ANOTHER DEAD SHIT EATING BABY :)"
Unknown Sad Brave Person lit a candle on 07/03/2017: "Poor child, Now you in a better place where you are treated fairly and away from those horrible people who took yourlife"
Inconnu Inconnu lit a candle on 06/07/2017: "i kill you wait"
Joyce Cobb lit a candle on 05/26/2017: "Even though you were here a short time your spirit touched many with love. Pray your are in the arms of Jesus."
Anna Tedesco/Screnci lit a candle on 11/18/2016: "Too sad for words... may your family find peace and justice. R.I.P. little ones. xo"
Lori Valderaz lit a candle on 10/23/2016: "I hope Darby & Kiera can R.I.P. This is heartbreakingredient-s. I'm so sorry for your Loss💟"
Logan Thomas lit a candle on 10/15/2016: "Lighting a candle for these babies, I want to cry."
Diana lit a candle on 10/06/2016: "Fly high little ones & play with the Angels. You are safe & at home."
Anon lit a candle on 10/06/2016: "This is tragic. Rip."
Olivia Hurst lit a candle on 10/04/2016: "you are so cute"
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