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Anna Tedesco/Screnci lit a candle on 11/18/2016: "Too sad for words... may your family find peace and justice. R.I.P. little ones. xo"
Lori Valderaz lit a candle on 10/23/2016: "I hope Darby & Kiera can R.I.P. This is heartbreakingredient-s. I'm so sorry for your Loss💟"
Logan Thomas lit a candle on 10/15/2016: "Lighting a candle for these babies, I want to cry."
Diana lit a candle on 10/06/2016: "Fly high little ones & play with the Angels. You are safe & at home."
Anon lit a candle on 10/06/2016: "This is tragic. Rip."
Olivia Hurst lit a candle on 10/04/2016: "you are so cute"
Lisa Fitzpatrick lit a candle on 09/24/2016: "This is so sad. I hope these babies are at peace now. Xx"
Julie McNatt lit a candle on 09/07/2016: "Heartbreaking lighting a candle for both babies and the man serving our country. Prayers"
Jordan And Timber Gouker lit a candle on 07/25/2016: "jordan- that poor kid i am so sad he died!!!!!!!!!!!!!. timber- if he was alive tell him i love him but he's not boo hoo"
Alex Ro lit a candle on 07/10/2016: "why the fuck"
Holden Gulley lit a candle on 06/17/2016: "The passing of anyone is gut wrenching but the death of a child is the worst. BE FREE Darby"
Heather Dinnocenti lit a candle on 06/13/2016: "Rest in peice little angle."
Deb Amara lit a candle on 05/23/2016: "So sorry xx Our loved ones are still dear and close to us. 💜"
Rhonda Craig Sehon's Mom lit a candle on 05/21/2016: "You are now free baby boy to know what true love is about ...Your heavenly Father loves you beyond words"
Michael DeVore lit a candle on 05/20/2016: "So sorry for your loss. I hope justice comes for the family."
Nicole Humphries lit a candle on 04/18/2016: "Rest in Peace! I hope justice will be served, thoughts and prayers to your family. God bless!"
April Vaughn lit a candle on 03/25/2016: "Rip little one's"
Angel Kell George's Mom Lorraine lit a candle on 03/23/2016: "It is with deep sorrow I think of these children and their senseless deaths."
Don Newsome lit a candle on 03/18/2016: "R.I.P Little one."
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