Darby Hodges
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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Darby Hodges who was born in Montana on 26 November, 2008 and passed away on 27 June, 2010 at the age of 19 months. He died from suspected abuse while in the care of his mother and her boyfriend. Ten weeks later his sister Kiera also died of suspected abuse. The couple and their families still refuse to cooperate with police in both death. Their Daddy Tommy Hodges was serving his country in the Army when the children both died. They are loved desperately and missed forever by the family that loved them and tried to protect them. Many mistakes were made in both investigations of their deaths but there is still Hope that there will be justice for them. Daddy love bed his Daddy so much as he cared for them while their mother wouldn't. He was a Daddy's Boy and had list the spark when he was taken from the parent who truly loved him.
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My Deepest Condolences   / HENDRICK POLANCO (guest)
My deepest condolences. May these few words from the Holy Scriptures bring you comfort in your time of grief... John 11:32-45 32 And so Mary, when she arrived where Jesus was and caught sight of him, fell at his feet, saying to him: β€œLord, if you had...  Continue >>
Sorry for your loss   / Mark Dooda (None)
Hi Cheryl. My name is Mark Dooda and I am a community volunteer, a full-time volunteer Bible minister, that helps bring comfort to people who have lost loved ones. I am truly sorry for your loss. I have some information that is Bible-based, and the ...  Continue >>
Love  / Di Salt (No relation )
May your beautiful souls find peace in heaven and be happy and loved. Always.
Heartbreaking  / Christopher
A deeply saddening story, may he rest in peace. My condolences to his father, I can't imagine losing a child like that...
Ily  / No Haha (Friend)
No I don't lmao why is this website up here
You life mattered  / Rhonda Craig Sehon's Mom (mother to another angel )    Read >>
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His legacy
Darby Hodges  
After Darby and His sister Kiera's deaths his Father's family have worked hard to get the Justice for him and his Sister. We are Child Advocates who try to bring Justice for Darby, Kiera and every Child who has lost their life to the abuse of someone who was supposed to love and keep them safe. We also work at a State and National level to bring Child Abuse Awareness to the country. Darby and Kiera's legacies is that other Children live because of their Daddy, Aunt and Grandma sharing their stories and doing what we can to end Child Abuse. πŸ’™